Tina Blaze

First Impressions

TinaBlaze has a well designed tour that gives you a little bit of what she offers without giving too much away. They want to make sure you´re interested and they do a good job of that. Tina is a cute little babe with dirty blonde hair and a slim body. She´s got long, lovely legs and an even tan that makes it seem like she spends quite a bit of time naked in the sun. I like that she seems to have a thing for chicks, at least if the girl-girl action depicted on the tour is to be believed.

Hot Promises

As a member you get exclusive access to Tina´s personal photo and video archive, which features shots of her posing outdoors, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, with her sexy friends and more. The tour also makes it clear that Tina delves into girl-girl action every now and then and teen lesbian sex is always hot. There´s also a teaser about being to chat with her on webcam, but I wouldn´t count on that promise coming true. They emphasize the barely legal aspect of her content and then invite you to come inside and see for yourself.


As soon as you enter the member´s area of TinaBlaze you´ll see the picture galleries before you. The latest update is listed at the top of the page, but I have some concerns about the updates. I saw the member´s area a month ago and there have been no new additions since then. Also, there are no dates affixed to the content updates, which is usually a good sign they´re trying to hide the fact that they haven´t updated in ages. Despite the promise of updates it´s almost certain they no longer add new content.

There are four picture galleries per page over seven pages for a total of 25 galleries (only one on the last page). The galleries are good, but that´s really not enough to keep members satisfied in the long term, especially since the collection won´t ever get any larger. Still, there´s content worth your attention here. The average gallery has 80-100 images in high resolution and they´re very easy to browse thanks to well designed thumbnail pages. They list 16 thumbnails per page and they load quickly thanks to speedy servers.

By and large Tina is a solo gal, although the most recent updates were girl-girl heavy so it´s a shame she stopped adding new content. These weren´t light hearted girl-girl scenes either. In one the girls get down to business almost immediately and start stripping naked and making out with each other. There´s passionate tongue kissing and tit sucking and then they get out a huge dildo and penetrate each other with it. It´s really quite amazing and the others follow the same pattern. My favorite gallery on the whole site has Tina´s friend putting on a strap-on cock and fucking Tina doggy style. That´s what great lesbian porn should be!

There are five lesbian galleries in total and they´re each stunningly sexy with all the content mentioned in the above paragraph and more. The solo galleries can´t match that same level of animalistic arousal, but Tina is beautiful enough that watching her strip is a pleasure. She bares her full body in each gallery, although it´s surprising that she doesn´t play with dildos or masturbate using her fingers more. Given the naughtiness of the lesbian galleries I figured she would have a no holds barred approach.

The surprising thing about TinaBlaze is that there are 25 videos as well. Most of the time solo teen babes do half as many videos as picture galleries, if that. Here the output was equal and the videos aren´t merely filmed versions of the photo shoots. That means you get to see the hot and heavy lesbian action in full motion video. I´ve seen the clips and I can honestly say they blow away what was shown in the picture galleries. The only downside is the videos are streaming only and the resolution leaves a little to be desired.

Much like the picture galleries Tina only recently delved into lesbian sex in the video clips. There are six lesbian movies total and each features kissing, tit sucking and pussy play. I don´t know if these girls are lesbian or if they´re just faking it for the camera, but they´re definitely passionate about performing. They kiss each other with strong desire, their tongues doing a passionate. When they go down on each other or play with each other´s tits the moans of pleasure are genuine.

The solo videos are sexy as well, although once again I was disappointed to find a lack of dildo play or masturbation. Instead you often end up watching Tina as she goes about the mundane tasks of daily life. It´s definitely more fun to watch her wash the dishes naked, but it would have been more fun to watch her masturbate in the kitchen. There are a few videos where she goes to town on her snatch though, so all hope is not lost.

TinaBlaze is a little light on content, especially in the picture department, so they smartly decided to throw in a ton of bonus material. First you have seven full fledged bonus sites, each featuring a solo girl doing her thing. The girls are all beautiful and they each offer a fair amount of content so the value of your membership just went up. You can also freely browse a photo archive featuring more than 1 million images from a variety of subjects. Finally there are 101 leased streaming feeds with videos covering every hardcore subject under the sun.

Croco´s Opinion

At first glance the member´s area of TinaBlaze is unimpressive. There aren´t many picture galleries and while 25 videos is nice it´s not really enough to keep your around long term. Then you check out the lesbian content and things start to turn. This type of girl-girl action between teenage babes is rare and there´s plenty of it here. The girls kiss, lick, suck and dildo fuck each other with passion and unmistakable desire. To watch them is to feel their desire. Plus, the bonus content is overwhelming in volume and much of it is top notch.


The design is practically flawless and browsing the picture galleries and videos is easy.

Pricing Policy

A three day trial is $4.99 and a one month membership is $24.95.

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